New York State Department of Health Regulations for campers

New York State Department of Health regulations require strict enforcement of following camp rules:


Prohibited items include: 

-      Gasoline and liquid accelerants 

-      Propane tanks larger than 16.4 oz 

-      Grills and stoves with a grilling surface larger than 450 square inches (20”x22.5” or 15”x30”)

-      Generators 

-      Weapons 

-      Glass bottles 

-      Illegal substances 


Tent camping:

-      A minimum of 5 ft of separation must be maintained between all tents in the tent camping area.


Car camping:

-      Only one walled tent is allowed per car camping site.  Maximum size 10ft x 10ft including vestibules and attachments

-      All vehicles, tents, pop-up shelters, and camping activities must fit entirely within a 10 ft x 30 ft space. 

-      Vehicles may not be moved after being parked by event staff.     

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